We are a family business of growth, with the experience of giving a cozy break, to family groups, students, tourists, and missionaries, personalizing the quality care to our guests with the kindness that characterizes us, and through technology and a continuous improvement we seek the satisfaction of the guest, we also give opportunity to our collaborators to surpass themselves professionally, we support in raising awareness about respect for the environment, to enjoy their stay, and thereby obtain their preference and fidelity to us.




To become the leading hostel in quality and personalized attention to the guest in Guatemala City, through a continuous improvement and the pursuit of guest satisfaction, during their stay in our facilities striving to obtain our brand recognized in the country.



 Respect for the enviroment

 We are a team committed to the environment, it is for this reason that we seek to convey to our guests the experiences of daily living. Supporting us to provide collectors for garbage classification.



 We look with joy, the attention and our guests and that always find the harmony in their stay



We live an environment of respect, and trust, that makes our guests feel pampered.



We are a committed team that works with love and dedication to serve the guest.